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Producing Breakthrough School Results By Developing and Supporting School Leaders



The purpose of Parker Educational Consultants is to produce breakthrough school results by growing, developing and supporting school leaders. The Parker Educational Consultant Team consists of former distinguished central office and school-based leaders with a history of achieving outstanding school results. The Team brings a wealth of instructional knowledge, passion, and experiences to the school community. The Team is exceptional in assessing school needs and providing high-touch guidance, instructional nurturance, and personalized support to school leaders, assisting them in creating positive change and increasing student performances.



Instructional Leadership Coaching

The Parker Educational Consultant Team will provide instructional leadership support and guidance to school leaders in an environment of openness, respect and trust. Our coaching is a partnership. It is a conversational and interactive collaboration designed to enhance the professional growth and situational learning. School leaders will deepen their instructional understanding and grasp. They will develop the needed skills to find solutions to increase school achievement.


The Parker Educational Consultant Team will assist school leaders in their instructional leadership development. The Team will use their vast background knowledge and expertise as resources. The Team’s advice, support, and encouragement will also serve as a catalyst for deeper and impactful change. On-going instructional leadership training will be provided to reinforce best practices.


Targeted professional training is the most effective way schools and school districts can ensure that school leaders continue to grow in their strategies and practices. Our professional training will focus on the needs of the students, teachers and school leaders with the aim of building leadership capacity and strengthening teamwork. The spirit of these professional learning sessions centers on leading with love, developing
courageous and resolute leadership, operating with a moral purpose, being passionate about student achievement and ensuring high student achievement for all students. Research has shown that teaching quality and school instructional leadership are the most important factors in raising student achievement. Our work is to strengthen instructional leadership and improve the delivery of instruction.

Training Sessions

  • Creating a School Vision and Mission: Giving Your School A Valued Image and Reputation to Uphold

  • Champions Are Made In the Off-Season: Summer Planning for Administrators, Establishing How We Will Do Business & Transforming School Culture 

  • A Message to New Principals: What In the Heck Have I Gotten Myself Into?


  • Care Enough To Clarify: Engaging In Courageous Conversations With Staff


  • Love Lifted Me: Building Supportive Relationships for School Improvement


  • Teamwork Is Essential to the School: Developing A Guiding Coalition of School Leaders


  • What Will It Take to Improve School Programs and Student Performances: The Nuts and Bolts


  • Setting the Table for Increased Student Learning in the Classroom: Improving Classroom Management 


  • Professional Learning Communities: Collaborating, Sharing and Growing Together


  • Ensuring Student Success for All: Growing In A Culture of Excellence and Equity


  • Sticking to It! The Importance of Adherence and Accountability

  • Unpacking the Standards: The Need to Align Lesson Plans, Instruction, and Assessments

  • We Are Stronger Together: Building Distributed Leadership


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"As a principal under the direct leadership of Mr. William Parker, my school flourished almost immediately as we began to collaborate.  Mr. Parker proved himself to be a visionary as we identified that my school needed a shift in culture.  Mr. Parker provided consistent guidance as a plan for high teacher and student expectation which we implemented.  His vast educational knowledge base spans traditional, career and technical, as well as alternative education. Although I was an experienced administrator, my leadership skills grew by leaps and bounds under his direction, and my school achieved top performing honors in the state of North Carolina."


Devry T. Gibbs, Principal

N.F. Woods Advanced Technology and Arts Center 

Mooresville, North Carolina

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